Charlene Geary



Dr. Charlene Geary is an Assistant Professor of Business Management at Regis College. Charlene earned a Doctorate in Law and Policy from Northeastern University where she has taught for many years in the College of Professional Studies undergraduate Leadership program. She has trained hundreds of students at Northeastern University in the undergraduate Leadership program to “empower their endless leadership potential.” Charlene has experience teaching on ground, hybrid, and extensive experience teaching online as well.

Charlene is the creator of the Personal Entrepreneurship™ concept. Personal Entrepreneurship™ is this idea that before we can be effective leaders we must have a plan for continuous improvement in our own life. It is a process of developing in our personal, professional, and spiritual life.


DLP from Northeastern University (2014)

Professional Experience

Dr. Geary’s professional experience is in telecommunications and real estate. Experience in the telecommunications industry includes years with Continental Telecom Corporation, U.S. West Information Systems, and International Data Corporation (IDC). Charlene’s experience in the telecommunications industry covers a variety of areas including marketing, sales, training, client services management, account management, and market research. Charlene also enjoyed many years in the real estate business. Charlene has published works on the topic of real estate including the area of land-use policy and telecommunications.


Published Works

PERSONAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP™ - Empower Your Endless Leadership Potential

Creation House (September 2015)

ISBN: 978-1-62998-465-0


The Effects of Land Use Policies on Modular Home Construction: A Comparative Case Study of Three Counties in Massachusetts (December 1, 2013).

Social Science Research Network


Estate Management & Preventive Maintenance: How to Maintain Your Home So It’s Ready to Sell at Anytime – B&G Publishing Group (April 2010)

ISBN: 978-0-9792979-5-3


Properly Preparing A Home For Sale Is The First Step In Getting It Sold    

The Real Estate Professional Magazine

(November/December 2009)


ESTATE JOURNAL™ - A Resource to Reference Your Personal and Household Information

B&G Publishing Group (May 2007)

ISBN: 978-0-979-2979-7-7


Telecommunications Publications:

AT&T NEWSWATCH EDITOR (International Data Corporation Publication) International Data Corporation (IDC) is the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunication, and consumer technology markets. (Source:

Charlene was IDC’s primary liaison to AT&T Information Systems. She provided on-going research on product enhancements, new product announcements, and pricing strategies. Charlene was also the editor of the AT&T Newswatch (Monthly Publication) and contributing editor of a Quarterly Residual Value Memo.

Sampling of Notable Articles Published in IDC’s AT&T NEWSWATCH:

AT&T Acquires Ten Percent of the Custom Software Company

New Organizational Changes at AT&T Information Systems

AT&T–IS Combines its Strength with Electronic Data Systems, Inc., Dallas, TX

Information Systems Digital Network is the Network of the Future

AT&T Increases Production of Custom Logic Chips

AT&T Reports a Healthy First Quarter

AT&T Credit Corporation – Is It True?

IBM & ROLM are on the Road Together

Backlogs on Line Orders: A Thing of the Past

AT&T Holds to Promise of Reducing Line Backlogs

Are Regional Telephone Companies Meeting Revenue Forecasts?

Divestiture – The Competitive Edge

AT&T Job Eliminations Create $500 Million Savings Annually