Ming-Yi Wu



Professor Ming-Yi Wu received her Ph. D. degree in organizational communication from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.  She also has a MA degree in marketing and advertising communication and a BA degree in public relations.  She has a variety of research areas, such as social media marketing, consumer behaviors in the online environments, international public relations, leadership, and global communication.  She has published many articles in academic journals, such as Public Relations Review, Public Relations Quarterly, Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, Intercultural Communication Studies (ICS), China Media Research (CMR).  She also presented her research papers at National Communication Association (NCA) annual conference, International Communication Association (ICA) annual conference, Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC), and several international conferences, such as ICCM, IAICS, and IPRRC.  She used to work for Gallup as a Research Advisor/Consultant and Global Analytics Researcher.  She teaches social media, consumer behaviors in the online environments, and intercultural communication classes at Organizational Communication Graduate Program, CPS, Northeastern University. 



PhD from Rutgers University-Camden (2002)

Professional Experience

2013 - Present

Northeastern University

Graduate Lecturer

Responsibilities include:

·       Conduct social media and e-commerce research projects

·       Teach social media, consumer behaviors in the online environments, and intercultural communication courses online


2015 - 2017

Constant Contact

Senior Researcher, Customer Insights Research

Responsibilities include:

·       Design customer survey questionnaires

·       Program online surveys in Qualtrics

·       Conduct online surveys

·       Analyze data by using SPSS

·       Make Power Point decks with strategic recommendations

·       Write research reports

2012 - 2015


Research Advisor/Consultant

Responsibilities include:

·       Analyze Gallup’s world poll data with millions of cases and thousand of variables

·       Write research reports

·       Present and publish research findings

·       Make Power Point Decks


Global Analytics Researcher

Responsibilities include:

·       Analyze world poll data

·       Form and test hypotheses to help clients understand customers’  media and service usage behaviors

·       Analyze marketplace panel data, such as social media panel data

·       Write research reports with strategic recommendations

·       Make internal/external communication documents, such as Power Point decks and white papers