Carol Morello



Dr. Morello received her  Master’s degree from Smith College and VMD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. She also received an MBA from Jack Welch Management Institute and is Regulatory Affairs Certified through RAPS. Dr. Morello practiced small animal medicine for several years while living in New Jersey and did relief work at an emergency clinic located there. While practicing, Dr. Morello became the first employee/ part-owner for a European owned Class II medical device company seeking to start up in the US. She was instrumental in starting and growing the company and then transitioned from day to day start-up activities, including sales, marketing, accounting, and operations to focus on regulatory strategy, submissions, and developing and implementing a complete quality system. The company initially provided OEM services and transitioned into direct sales. After selling her interest, Dr. Morello did private QA/RA consulting for medical device companies and started a local 24-hour key card fitness center, the first in Western Mass. Currently, she is a Sr Director of QA/RA for a medical device company located in RI. She remains licensed to practice veterinary medicine in Mass and New Jersey.


PhD from University of Pennsylvania (1987)