Reem Gohar

Assistant Teaching Professor


Reem Gohar is a PMP certified and results-driven professional with 23 years of experience at Bear River, San Mateo County,, Agilent Technologies and the US Government. She has worked for the US Government and has also worked in the private sector. She has worked in a broad range of industries (software development, e-commerce, IT, Education, Wireless and Telecommunications), and has expertise that includes people management, business development, data analysis, strategic planning, cross-functional leadership, partnership development, project management, program management, mentorship, and education. 
Reem has a doctorate degree in Business Administration. She also has two master’s degrees, one in Electrical engineering and an MBA and that made her bridge the gap between the technical and the business worlds. She has over 14 years of teaching experience. 
On a personal note, Reem is a well diverse person who got exposed to more than one culture and that made her more accepting of differences. She believes that diversity is synergy, and she respects and understands other opinions even if they are different from hers.