Solomon Sackitey



Currently an Editorial Board member of the International Journal of Translational Medical Research and Public Health (IJTMRPH), Solomon has over fifteen years wealth of experience. This experience spans his work in academia, the pharmaceutical industry, and government setting as a Regulatory Affairs Adjunct Lecturer, Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist, and Director (Laboratory Logistics), respective;y. He is also a Biochemist, and Molecular Biology/Biotechnology Research Scientist. He was one of a limited number of invited guests to the inaugural African Medicines Regulatory Harmonization (AMRH) conference in Johannesburg, South Africa co-hosted by the World Health Organization, African Union and other partners. Solomon’s international activities include presentations and participation in regulatory and scientific meetings in South Africa, Ghana, New Zealand and The United States. As a Research Scientist, he was passionately engaged in the Research, Development and Clinical Evaluation of HIV/AIDS DNA-based vaccines at a major Global Pharmaceutical Company. He served as Laboratory Logistics Director for the 2009 swine flu clinical sample testing in collaboration with the World Health Organization/US CDC Center. He is a recipient of US and International awards. Twenty-five books and sixteen patents referenced his publications and patents. Solomon has been on the Northeastern University Adjunct Faculty since 2010 and has been involved in teaching (1) Working in Multicultural Environments: Challemges and Opportunities (a new course which he had proposed), (2) Global Biotechnology Product Registration and Regulations: E.U., U.S. and Japan, (3) European Medical Devices Regulations and (4) Canadian, Asian, Latin American (LATAM) Regulatory Affairs.

He received a travel grant to serve as a Session Facilitator at the 2017 NEU Fall Faculty Conference in Boston, MA. Additionally, he serves as a Committee Member of the innovative Ad hoc Lectures on Emerging Regulatory Trends (ALERT) Program in the Department of Graduate Regulatory Affairs at Northeastern that was initiated by Dr. Thomas M. Koperniak. 

Solomon is looking for opportunities in Biopharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Public Health in addition to Regulatory Affairs capacity development with a global outreach.



MS from Northeastern University (2009)

Professional Experience

Biopharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Public Health Consultant (2008-Present). Looking for opportunities.

Adjunct Lecturer, Regulatory Affairs. Northeastern University. (2010 -Present)

Research Scientist and Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist (Pfizer/Wyeth) [2000-2008].