Laura Engel



As the Associate Director of the Experiential Network (XN) at Northeastern University, Laura leads a team of externally-facing university relationship managers in the sourcing and embedding of virtual, experiential projects into Northeastern’s academic programs and courses. Prior to coming to Northeastern, Laura’s scholarly and professional focus centered around accessible experiential opportunity with heightened career impact for students at the graduate, undergraduate, and pre-college levels. The first XN pilot began in Summer 2015 and, with Laura coming on as the dedicated sponsor/employer contact as few months later, XN’s reach scaled from a handful of students and sponsors/projects to over six thousand students and two thousand sponsoring organizations to date. Laura also leads the strategic implementation of projects in academic coursework, ensuring alignment with academic outcomes and industry relevance in project content and student match.


EdD from Northeastern University (2021)

Professional Experience

At Northeastern, Laura has taught course sections of INT5964 and COP6940 each academic term for several years, both graduate-level courses dedicated to complementing student experiential opportunities with relevant professional development content.