Berkeley Almand-Hunter



Berkeley Almand-Hunter is a part-time Analytics Instructor at the Roux Institute. So far, Berkeley has taught Data Visualization and Communication and Probability Theory and Introductory Statistics. She also created a technical interview training program for analytics students, focused on preparation for SQL and general analytics interviews. 

Before joining the Roux Institute, Berkeley was a Data Scientist at Square in San Francisco. In this role, she supported all of the data needs for the Capital Partnerships team, including determining which partner data would be useful in underwriting, working with engineering teams to store the data, building ETLs to make the data accessible for analytics, developing underwriting models, building dashboards to track loan origination and repayment, and reporting progress to key stakeholders.

Berkeley holds bachelor's and master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines, and a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Colorado. She fell in love with data science while building machine learning models to calibrate low-cost ozone sensors for her graduate research. She lives in Hallowell with her husband, two young children, and greyhound. 


PhD from University of Colorado (2017)