Christene Fair



I’m a results driven designer that sees the big picture and appreciates a role where my work can directly and positively impact revenue and growth. Whether it’s a mobile app, an in-person or online program, print or web publishing, it's clear that design matters. My philosophy is to create an iterative process that defines the problem and then building out measurable solutions that are cohesive to the brand and fitting for user requirements.


MA from Harvard University (2018)

Professional Experience

As a practicing UX designer, I have worked with a variety of clients from small startups at the Harvard Innovation Labs to large corporations like CVS. My projects have scaled the digital media landscape from web, mobile web, to native app. I prefer to operate with a Lean UX methodology, embedded with engineering/development, other stakeholders, and product to bridge the gap between user needs and business goals. 

As an educator, I was first a graduate teaching assistant in the Harvard program where I received my master's degree. After a few terms, I began developing and teaching my own courses - first for New England College and now at Northeastern University.