Natasha Feinberg



Dr. Natasha (Axelson) Feinberg, Ed.D. teaches in the CPS Ed.D. program.  She instructs Education Entrepreneurship.  Currently, she also serves as a professor of literacy in the Education program at Rhode Island College. She holds National Board Certification in Reading and has also served as a literacy ambassador for the Rhode Island Department of Education. Dr. Feinberg has 17 years of experience as a reading specialist/literacy coach in the R.I. public K-12 school system.  She has worked extensively with Tier 2 and 3 literacy interventions and the implementation of Data-Based Individualization. 

As an education entrepreneur, Dr. Feinberg has created the Axelson Academy website ( and its complementary YouTube channel to support teachers of reading.  Internationally, The New Teacher Project (TNTP) uses Axelson Academy in their education program.  Her videos are also used by (Michigan Department of Education) in their teacher training.  She has created content for the National Center for Intensive Intervention by helping to develop their pilot course in Data Based Individualization.  Her new entrepreneurial venture is Literacy Concierge.  The Literacy Concierge provides an exclusive package of services that is designed to foster literacy at home.  Unique online conferencing and digital tools allow for individualized literacy plans and support.



PhD from Northeastern University (2016)