Deb Colameta



As a graduate of Northeastern University with a Master's degree in Organizational Communication, I have taken what I learned in the classrooms of Northeastern and used it as a catalyst for my career as a global communications manager for an international health care company.  In less than two years, I grew the company’s virtual communications platform from just 10 video devices to over 520 units worldwide, a $4 million USD global investment. I have extensive experience coaching colleagues on best practices for virtual communication in order to maximize return on investment.  With nearly 20 years of experience working in the communications field, my career has also included roles in TV, radio, and government.  


MS from Northeastern University (2010)

Professional Experience

Deb Colameta, as President and Founder of Metabright Media, has had the honor and challenge of speaking to live audiences of 10 to 200 people or more. Deb has trained extensively both in the United States and in Europe. Starring in both television and radio commercials, Deb knows how to project a message to thousands. Her words have been published in national publications such as The New York Times.

Deb became a #1 best-selling author on Amazon for her book, Best Offer, Best Life!

She has conducted mass media and informational interviews with over 500 people and has won several awards for her communication talents. From teaching clients necessary presentational speaking skills to instructing others on greater interpersonal competence, her mission is to help others feel prepared to communicate effectively in today's global society.