Edward Trachtenberg



MBA from Northeastern University (1980)

Professional Experience

I have had a very long and very satisfying relationship with Northeastern University having earned my A.S., B.S. and MBA here. In addition: I am a past president of Sigma Epsilon Rho Honor Society (Northeastern University's College of Professional Studies Honor Society). I have been teaching computer related courses at Northeastern University for over 30 years.

The courses that I have taught include: C, C++, Basic, COBOL, Advanced Database Programming, Introduction to the Internet, Programming Logic, Systems Design and Analysis, and Computer Applications.

When I'm not teaching at Northeastern, I'm enjoying my retirement from working at Raytheon as an Analyst / Programmer. I have worked in the Information Technology field for over 40 years and have programmed in such diverse languages as: Assembly, BASIC, COBOL, Pascal, C, C++, Visual Basic, SQL, HTML and have a familiarity with JAVA, JavaScript, and ColdFusion.