Course Evaluations

All College of Professional Studies students are able to provide feedback on their educational experiences via anonymous online class evaluations conducted at the end of the academic term.  The College uses a system called EvaluationKIT to administer these surveys.

Note:  The following information pertains only to courses offered in the CPS semester and quarter academic calendars.  For faculty teaching a Global Pathways, or any non-CPS class, please visit the TRACE website.

Student FAQs

Why should I fill out my course evaluations?

1.       Self-reflection on your progress- Course evaluations offer a great opportunity for you to reflect upon your learning and experience in the course. The self-assessment exercise gives you a sense of accomplishment in terms of the knowledge and skills that you have gained and perspectives or attitudes changed over the period of time. Experiential learning is a hallmark of Northeastern and no form of experiential learning is complete without a thoughtful reflection toward the end of the learning process.

2.       Critical source of data on course improvement- Just like you depend on the instructor’s feedback to improve your performance on assignments and enhance your learning, instructors rely on your feedback to improve the course to maximize your learning and remove barriers to your learning. Your feedback is vital for continuous improvement of courses at the College of Professional Studies.

3.       Useful information for your peers-Your peers rely on your evaluations to make course choices! 

How to access a class evaluation

The “Course Evaluations” link appears in the course menu for a Canvas course (such as MGT3220.90109.202114) when the course and the instructor/students are included for the scheduled survey.  Additionally, a pop-up appears for students who have a survey due in the course:

2.              MyNortheastern. Click ‘CPS Class Evaluations’ under Services & Links

3.              Email sent to your Husky Student Account from EvaluationKit

4.              Direct Login Link: 

When I log in to take t­­­­­he EvaluationKit survey, there is no survey available. What does this mean?

It is possible that you’re in a class with fewer than four students or your instructor is not being evaluated. If this is not the case, please email [email protected] to notify the administrator of the problem.

How do I ensure that my EvaluationKit responses were submitted successfully?

The class survey link will no longer be active in EvaluationKit in the My Surveys section of the home menu.

How long will the EvaluationKit survey be available?

The length of time that students have to complete a survey depends on the length of the course in question.  For 4-week and 6-week courses, EOC surveys “open” one week before the class ends.  For 8-week and 12-week courses, surveys open two weeks before the end of a class.  The deadline to complete the EOC surveys is midnight of the day that instructors are required to submit their grades.   This is generally 2:00PM EST on the Tuesday following the end of a class, meaning surveys close at 12:00am on Tuesday.

I received a EvaluationKit email for a course I am not taking. Whom do I contact?

If you are not enrolled in a course for which you received a EvaluationKit email invitation, please do not complete the survey. Email [email protected] to notify the administrator.

 The instructor listed for my class is not correct. What should I do?

Please email with the course number and section.

Can I update my EvaluationKit survey responses?

Once a survey has been submitted, it can no longer be updated.

Can you reopen the EvaluationKit survey?

EvaluationKit is not available after the close of the administration period.

Can instructors see the identifying information of students who submit EvaluationKit?

No. All EvaluationKit submissions are confidential and anonymous once survey responses are submitted.

Will my final grade be affected by my EvaluationKit survey?

No. Submitted EvaluationKit survey responses are not viewed by instructors until after final class grades are posted.

Are the EvaluationKit surveys available after the term?

The EvaluationKit period is open through the last day of the term.

Why do I keep receiving reminder emails from EvaluationKit?

The reminder emails are sent to encourage completion of the EvaluationKit surveys assigned to each student. Reminder emails are not sent once all surveys assigned have been completed.

How do I see past evaluations of instructors?

Within EvaluationKit there is a Student Reporting tab on the upper left corner. Students can search by course code, course title or instructor name.  After the initial search the parameters can be modified or filtered by course, instructor, term, and year.

Faculty FAQs

Faculty strategies/best practices for higher response rates

1.       Give students time during class to complete the evaluations and inform them about the why and when

2.       Share with the students the value of their feedback by using concrete examples of changes made to the course based on feedback from the surveys

3.       Encourage both positive and negative feedback

4.       Include information about the surveys in the syllabus and course shell

5.       Plan for multiple reminders to be sent out asking students to complete the surveys

How do I see my evaluation results?

To see your results log into myNortheastern’s CPS Class Evaluations link (on the Services & Links tab), or directly using your myNEU credentials.  From the home page/dashboard, select Results and then Instructor Results. The screen will show you all your evaluation information, which you can filter by term and course. 

Is a hard copy of comments needed for redaction?

No. Once the evaluations are closed, there will be a two-week redaction period for instructors to view their evaluations.  After reviewing student feedback, faculty may use the redaction request form to request redaction of any comments that harass, threaten, defame, slander or otherwise fall outside the appropriate use policy.

Student comments will be considered for redaction if they:

·       Appear to evaluate the instructor on criteria not related to her/his teaching performance and/or on a discriminatory basis. The University’s Equal Opportunity Policy affirms that “Northeastern University does not condone discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, religious creed, genetics, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ancestry, veteran or disability status.” (Equal Opportunity)

·       Raise allegations of professional impropriety (including harassment or discrimination) on the part of the instructor. Such allegations may be redacted and referred to appropriate University authorities for investigation.

Whom should I contact when I can’t view my EvaluationKit reports?

Contact the EvaluationKit Administrator at [email protected]

The CPS Class Evaluations link does not appear under Services and Links in myNortheastern.

The CPS Class Evaluations link only appears for persons who are listed as faculty in HRM database. Contact your program area if you have questions about your status.

When will the reports from the current term be available to view?

Survey reports are available to faculty two days after grades are due to the Registrar.

Is it possible to confirm that students have completed the CPS class evaluation survey?

You can monitor overall student participation on the faculty landing page when you log into the CPS Class Evaluation website. Individual student participation is not available. To view a quick tutorial on accessing reports, click here.

My courses are not listed for EvaluationKit survey.

CPS Class Evaluations includes courses offered CPS credit-bearing courses for more than four (4) students enrolled. Please email the EvaluationKit Administrator at [email protected] immediately if you believe your course has been omitted in error.

What are the administration dates for EvaluationKit?

The dates for EvaluationKit administration will be sent to the faculty/instructor attached to the course by e-mail.  Surveys typically start two weeks prior to the last day of the class and end the day before grades are due.

Do students have access to Evaluation survey results before grades are posted?

No. EvaluationKit survey results are not released for students to view until the following academic term.

Is there any way to view qualitative reports?

All EvaluationKit reports include qualitative responses. Please note that student comments will only be available to the instructor of the course and CPS administration.  All CPS students will be able to see summary reports of all current and past online course evaluations through their myNEU accounts, but they will not be able to view the written comments. 

Do I have access to a ‘Director Report’ on all the classes in my department?

Deans, Faculty Directors and Program Directors, and other administrators granted access can view EvaluationKit reports for their units through the URL: 

My class ends early. Can EvaluationKit be administered earlier than the standard opening date?

Please contact the EvaluationKit administrator at [email protected] at the start of the academic term for assistance.