Student Support

Individualized support from day one to facilitate learning, career planning, and sustain progress toward graduation.

Benefit from an entirely new model of student support including academic advising, planning to maximize experiential learning such as co-ops or internships, career and skills assessment, and career planning.

  • Before You Start .... 

    How do I apply? How do I enroll in class? When will I graduate? How will I pay for it? Am I able to balance this with my working life? Come to us to discuss your ideas for what you want out of your education. We'll assign an individual advisor to you at the outset of your studies, assuring the most positive educational experience. We'll help you chart realistic, achievable checkpoints toward graduation. Our skill set assessment aligns your educational goals with your career prospects to determine which option is best for you to pursue.
  • Support at Every Step

    Whenever needed, we'll connect you with our tutoring and academic advising resources, including writing specialists, ensuring your progress and making sure you get what you need to graduate. Our financial aid offices will also help you find what you need to finish. The Lowell Institute Scholarship Fund helps make this possible. The Ruby W. and Lavon P. Linn Foundation can also be a source of aid to veterans and active duty personnel.
  • Internships and Co-ops 

    Our students gain a proven competitive advantage through Northeastern's signature experiential learning program. We'll help you find opportunities to gain real-world experience in your chosen field. Even if you're working full-time, we'll help you find the balance between work, school, and family.
  • Innovative Labs

    You'll complete discipline-specific assignments in computer science and engineering labs. When you sign up for courses, we'll partner you with our innovative Online Writing Lab. A writing specialist who is fully versed in the curriculum will help review your written assignments and strengthen your communication skills.
  • Career Planning 

    Northeastern University’s #1 ranked Department of Career Development can help you find the job you want, starting from day one. From networking to selecting career options—even preparing you and your resumé for the job interviews to come.


"John Lowell Jr. had a vision that citizens from all backgrounds could receive an education that would help them to improve themselves, their community, and their nation. The Lowell Institute School carries that vision into this century, giving talented men and women a unique chance to complete their bachelor's degrees in science, technology, engineering and business."
-Kemi Jona, PhD, Founding Director, Lowell Institute School, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs