Community College Pathways for Transfer Students

Your Path to CPS 

Over 86% of Northeastern CPS students transfer in credit, many from community colleges. We work with schools to ensure that the transfer process is seamless for students. Below is a list of schools that CPS students frequently transfer from. 

Bristol Community College 
Many students from Bristol Community College may find our online degree programs to be a good fit for them.

Bunker Hill Community College 
Graduates of Bunker Hill Community College take advantage of our scholarships when transferring to CPS. BHCC students find many CPS programs to be a strong fit for their academic and career goals. International students can take advantage of our specialty services offered through our Global Student Success office. Each year, CPS connects with BHCC students through a variety of transfer events. Contact us for more information on when we will be on campus! 

Holyoke Community College
Students from Holyoke Community College may be particularly interested in programs offered in our online format. Many of HCC’s online programs prepare students for a seamless transition to a CPS bachelor’s degree. 
Massasoit Community College 
Veteran students from Massasoit can take advantage of the many benefits specifically for them at Northeastern. CPS is proud to be a Military Friendly School

Middlesex Community College 
Middlesex Community College has had nearly 1,000 students participate in their service-learning program, which serves more than 45 communities. These students may be interested in utilizing cooperative education (co-op) to apply what they are learning in the classroom to their work in the community. Northeastern University began co-op over 100 years ago and is recognized as a leader in theory-to-practice education. Most students who are enrolled in a bachelor’s program may take advantage of co-op if interested.

Mass Bay Community College 
Mass Bay students from the Wellesley and Framingham campuses often explore CPS as a strong transfer option. 

North Shore Community College
Each year, students from North Shore Community College transfer to the College of Professional Studies.

Northern Essex Community College 
Northern Essex Community College graduates find transferring easy with the bachelor’s programs we offer at CPS. 

Roxbury Community College
Located right next door to Northeastern University, Roxbury Community College transfers many students to the College of Professional Studies. 

Quincy College
Many international students at Quincy College are surprised to learn that the College of Professional Studies offers many bachelor’s programs that meet visa requirements. In most programs, students also have the opportunity to participate in Northeastern’s renowned co-op program to gain work experience while they are in the States. Students interested in applying should review our international admissions information.