Community College Scholarships

Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies recognizes the investment made by students in partner institutions through the Community College Scholarship. New, incoming students with an earned associate degree from one of these partner community colleges may be eligible for a scholarship up to $8,000. Students who meet the scholarship criteria will be automatically considered for the Community College Scholarship. Criteria considered when deciding on scholarship awards include academic ability, fit to the academic program, and financial need.



Scholarships are divided over two academic years, starting first with the term you will be initially enrolling in and again one year later. In order to renew the scholarship for the second year, students must successfully complete 6 semester credit hours per term and maintain a 2.000 or better GPA.

Eligible students may receive a scholarship offer upon admission of a maximum of $10,000 which may include funding from one or more of the following: Community College Scholarship, Lowell Institute School Scholarship, and Professional Advancement Scholarship. Awards are based on the availability of funds, and meeting eligibility guidelines does not guarantee that a student will be offered a particular scholarship.