3 Ways to Earn a World Series Ring Without Playing Baseball


What does it take to earn a World Series ring? Most would say you need to play professional baseball. Most would be wrong. Here are three stories of Northeastern College of Professional Studies alumni who have gone on to great places since graduating – including earning World Series Rings by filling important roles for the Boston Red Sox.

From Ticket Office to Partnerships

Amanda Heglin, ’08, was recently promoted to manager of Sponsor Services for the team.

“As cliché as it sounds, I always knew I wanted to work in sports,” she says. “I never knew where it would lead me or that I would be doing what I’m doing now. I just admired growing up and even now that sport plays such a pivotal role in our society.”

So she put in her time, starting in the ticket office, and credits her ability to promote herself and go the extra mile with getting her the position she holds today. She’s been the primary contact for more than 100 corporate partners and negotiates contractual agreements between companies that ask to use the Red Sox brand or the team’s resources to promote their product.

“The most rewarding part though is creating those individual experiences for each person,” she says. “Whether it is a guests first time or 500th time to Fenway Park, we help create those memories that can last a lifetime.”

A Creative Path

Another ring went to Jonathan Chin ’10, vice president of Integrated Sales for Fenway Sports Management. In this highly visible role, Chin is responsible for selling integrated media, marketing, and sponsorship programs for one of the nation’s leading sports marketing organizations. He was brought in four years ago for his proven track record of developing creative and hugely successful marketing programs with the Boston Bruins.

Top Goal Achieved

Katie Shanahan ’14 was thrilled to be recognized for her dedication as a ticket operations representative. She grew up saying that she’d work for the Red Sox one day and realized her goal when she joined them for the 2011 season. After the win, she joined the players down in the field and later walked with them in the celebratory parade.

“The management appreciates the fact we put in a lot of work,” says Shanahan. “My ring is just like the players’ rings, and it’s so big that I’m not able to wear it on a daily basis. But that makes it special. Nothing I do will ever top this.”