Register for one of our innovative Career Resiliency Workshops

Designed by expert practitioners and delivered on your terms as a busy professional, these workshops will help you sharpen your skills. Tangible skills for today, not theory for tomorrow.

Has there ever been a better time to sharpen your skills – or forge new ones? Are you looking for a new professional development opportunity?

In today’s environment where many teams work remotely, more decisions are driven by data, and personal resilience has never been more important, we’ve developed ten Career Resiliency Workshops to help you progress in your career.

In these virtual workshops, designed by expert Northeastern practitioners and delivered on your terms over three weeks, you will have the opportunity to practice applying new skills immediately. Each workshop is designed to help you understand what skills you have today, and how to take them to the next level.

Choose from ten high-demand skills areas, ranging from Coaching and Providing Feedback to Building Resilience and Data Literacy Fundamentals.

Choose from the following workshops:

Leading Remote Teams 
Developing Your Leadership Capability 
Cultivating Personal and Professional Resilience 
Supportive Feedback and Coaching for Professionals 
Exploring Python 
Stats for Starters: Using SPSS 
Data Literacy: Understanding and Working with Data 
Analytical Thinking 
Enhancing Your Cultural Awareness AI Readiness

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