Sport in Society Develops Bystander Intervention Training to Stop Sexual Assault

In a New York Times “Education Life” article, Stepping Up to Stop Sexual Assault reporter Michael Winerip describes how colleges across the country are implementing “bystander intervention” to prevent cases of sexual assault on their campuses, and some of the factors driving the change, noting:

“Many colleges have also responded by developing violence prevention campaigns around the bystander intervention model. Northeastern University’s Center for the Study of Sport in Society, which pioneered bystander training 20 years ago, has seen a marked uptick in demand. As Jarrod Chin, its director of training, says, “There is nothing like the threat of losing money to get people’s attention.”

Sport in Society, affiliated with Northeastern University College of Professional Studies, is an industry-focused center that approaches sports as a tool for community-building, healthy development, civic engagement, and violence prevention.

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