Graduate Leadership Program in Vietnam

Northeastern University College of Professional Studies has partnered with International University (IU) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to offer its Master of Science in Leadership program to students in this fast-developing country. With more than 30 graduates, the joint degree program in Ho Chi Minh City allows students to earn a master’s degree in leadership from Northeastern University, while never leaving Ho Chi Minh City.

With a combination of four business courses from IU and eight leadership courses from Northeastern, this leadership program is designed to prepare English-speaking Vietnamese students to be leaders at the global level. Coursework combines an emphasis on business and governmental projects with a focus on personal leadership development.

“Our partnership with International University gives faculty the opportunity to teach, to learn and to enhance pedagogy while simultaneously providing students the fundamental skills necessary to successfully lead their companies in today’s dynamic, complex, global economy,” explained instructor Teresa Goode. “The MS in Leadership program provides an ideal environment for faculty to provide students with the competencies and experiences necessary to influence economic growth within Vietnam.” In 2017, NU hosted its first pinning ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City to celebrate 3 cohorts of graduates from the joint degree leadership program.

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Program Features

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