Education Through Two Different Professions

There are not many people who have the talent to build a career in the classroom as well as in the world of hip-hop. Peter Plourde has mastered both professions for 10 years. Northeastern University’s bright, innovative mathematics professor teaches pre-calculus, calculus, algebra, and trigonometry in Foundation Year — a first-year college program, which is designed to help Boston high school graduates and GED completers transition to college. Accepted students are enrolled in Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies where they have the opportunity to earn a full year of college credits upon completion.

WCVB Channel 5’s Bianca de la Garza interviewed Peter to uncover more on his career as an instructor, artist, and how he’s managed to integrate both occupations. “Professor Lyrical” reveals that he “loves anything that has synthesis”, and this past fall, he proved that by revealing his alter ego to his students for the first time during Foundation Year’s Homecoming. Peter’s passion for mathematics and music, coupled with his “light and optimistic” approach, has allowed him to creatively excel in both fields.