Grant Pushes Fundraising for the Lowell Institute School

Most Successful Fundraising Initiative To Date

The re-imagination of the Lowell Institute School at Northeastern University into a dedicated school for transfer and returning students has earned more than $10 million in grant support in the past year, making this fundraising initiative the largest and most successful in the history of Northeastern University College of Professional Studies.

The most recent award of a $350,000 grant from Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund for the building and equipping of a Thermo Fluids Lab brings the total of grants and gifts to support the school to more than $10 million.

The Lowell Institute School at Northeastern University is designed for bachelor’s degree students seeking to complete degrees in some of the fastest growing sectors of the economy – the sciences, technology and engineering, frequently called “STEM” for the subjects of science, technology, engineering and math.

Grants and gifts supporting the Lowell Institute School include:

“The Lowell Institute School is being transformed to meet the demands of both students who know the value of completing a STEM bachelor’s degree, and the employers who are hungry to hire them,” said John G. LaBrie, dean, Northeastern University College of the Professional Studies.  “It is a powerful vote of confidence that organizations ranging from the Lowell Institute to the U.S. Department of Education, to foundations and individuals have stepped forward to support the school.  It tells us that we are answering a powerful need both in higher education and the innovation economy, and in so doing, we’re creating an opportunity to make a lasting and meaningful change in the lives of students.”

The Lowell Institute School was founded by the Lowell Institute, one of the longest-standing educational foundations in the country, founded in 1836.