Husky Proud

From supportive faculty, to the convenience of online classes. Find out why CPS Students are Husky Proud! 

Brian LaPointe – Leadership

“Being a returning student after a 10+ year gap In my academic career, it was frightening to take my first class back. I have now been back for several semesters and I am happy that all of my professors were caring and assisted in my learning curve. Getting used to the online format and working at the same time wasn’t as difficult as I had thought and having professors that care made a huge difference.”

Magdalena Kawalkowski – Project Management


“I had never taken an online program until I started my journey at Northeastern University. The professors I had so far are experts in the field and extremely accommodating especially since the classes are online. So far the coursework helps my career based on the readings, professors’ knowledge, and discussion from other students. I am happy I chose Northeastern and proud to be a Husky!”

Urja Patel – Project Management


“Being a part of Northeastern University has changed my life for good. I am so proud to be a husky. Northeastern has amazing professors and i would personally want to thank my academic advisor. He has been a very important part of my journey at northeastern. The help and guidance from him has turned my academic journey for good. I would also want to mention the XN projects under CPS. I believe it is an excellent program to expose the students to real work life. Thus, having so much exposure at northeastern has boosted my confidence and made me a better person. Thank you for everything. I am so proud to be a husky.” 

Jacquelyn Collins – Finance and Accounting Management

“Choosing Northeastern CPS to complete my Bachelor’s degree was the best decision I have made in my life so far. The flexibility of the online option has allowed me to embrace being able to work and go to school. My professors are so passionate about what they teach, which can be hard to find sometimes in online classes. I love how involved everyone is. This program has helped me in my line of work. I’ve found a lot of what I learn can be applied directly to my actual job. I’m so proud to be a part of this school, it really has changed my life. Everyone is supportive and encouraging. I can’ wait to finish my degree and maybe even go to grad school here!”

Kara Fulginiti – Global Studies and International Relations, Global Student Mobility Concentration


“I am proud to be a Husky and to have the chance to pursue my educational goals online without sacrificing quality! The online Global Studies and International Relations masters program has really helped to push my career in U.S. Immigration forward. I recently obtained a position as an Immigration Specialist at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD. The NIH is the nation’s largest biomedical research institution, inviting scientists and medical doctors from around the world to the United States in order to further critical research in cancer studies and other diseases. I credit a large portion of my obtaining this new position to the skills and education I have gained through Northeastern University, which really help with my intercultural communication in my day to day work. The online format also allows me to take courses at a pace that I can manage while working full-time. I am very excited to graduate with my master’s degree in 2019 as a Northeastern Husky!”

Lisa Bolduc – Corporate & Organizational Communication – Concentration in Human Resource Management


“I am proud to be a Husky! Having graduated with my undergraduate degree over ten years ago, Northeastern made the process of returning to school easy. My program is flexible with both online and on the ground classes. My favorite part of Northeastern is how welcoming and helpful the students, professors and faculty are. Everyone is eager for you to get the most out of your education. Lastly, the campus and online resources are incredibly well organized. Northeastern runs like an efficient ship, that will encourage you to never stop sailing.”