A Non-Traditional Academic Career

Peter Stokes, executive director, postsecondary Innovation at Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies, discusses his non-traditional academic career and his goals for the College in a recent Q&A in Inside Higher Ed. Stokes has held positions across the educational landscape; he spent 14 years in various leadership roles at the research and consulting firm Eduventures, has taught in two institutions, and is now part of Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies, where he conducts research for the University’s own strategic efforts “but also those of our colleagues and peers in the continuing and professional education realm.”

Stokes sees “opportunities for higher education to evolve, to become more nimble, more creative, more risk taking” and he hopes to “bring a strategic perspective to the questions we wrestle with on a day to day basis as we work to make this the most high impact institution it can be.”

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