Students Attend Milan EXPO 2015

Note to readers: This is the sixth installment in the series of blog posts

Day 6

Tourism team members from the College of Professional Studies, USA Pavilion CEO Charlie Faas, and a pavilion student ambassador posed questions on the unique challenges faced by the USA Pavilion at EXPO Milan 2015.

The world’s fair theme, entitled “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,” showcases pavilions from 145 countries. Faas said the USA pavilion is unique in being 100% privately funded — a process that encourages innovation and creativity, but also presents fundraising challenges. He also spoke about the United State’s evolving approach to quality food, which he called “Food 2.0,” moving beyond the stereotypical fast food image of previous decades.

Faas said the the USA pavilion is “the greatest public diplomacy opportunity of the year,” and described the many ways his team of student ambassadors — including one from Northeastern University — interact with several million visitors.

The tourism team is one of four teams who were part of the capstone course International Field Study Experience led by Dr. Marissa Lombardi.