Voices from Northeastern University’s CPS Graduation

Spring 2011 Graduation – April 30, 2011

Graduates shared their experience at Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies (CPS), plans after graduation, and advice to current CPS students working towards their degrees. Speakers provided words of encouragement for graduates.

“My Northeastern degree has changed me, and made me better in my job. I learned to see the work from a manager’s perspective.”

Mike Geraigery, of Brockton , MA, Bachelor of Science in Operations Technology, cum laude 2011 graduate. Geraigery works as an estimator at Elaine Construction in Newton. He found that the Northeastern Husky network runs deep in the construction industry, describing its breadth as, “more than I could imagine.” Mike was encouraged by Northeastern colleagues to complete his degree which he initially started in the 1990’s. He finished by attending CPS at night while working full-time.

“Northeastern was my second chance … When I came to Northeastern the professors made me feel like I belonged in graduate school.”

Quevarra Moten, of Austin, TX, Master of Science in Leadership, 2011 graduate. Moten described the value of the CPS experience in reaching her educational goal while working full-time in student affairs at Austin Community College. Moten also expressed gratitude for the help she received from CPS in “finding balance and support” for her demanding schedule of full-time work, studies, and family responsibilities.

“I loved meeting people and I loved the professors. All the teachers want you to be successful and they do their best to make you successful.”

Maria Csuri, of Quincy, MA , Bachelor of Science in Management, 2011 magna cum laude graduate. Csuri described what she appreciated most about the College of Professional Studies. Originally from Budapest, Hungary, Csuri shared that a large celebration was underway in Budapest during the CPS graduation, as her family and friends gathered to watch her graduation live-streamed on the web.

Asked about her future plans, Maria offered: “I want to start my own business in real estate development and construction. My Northeastern CPS degree will give me a good foundation in how to run a business, manage finances and employees, and strategic planning.”

Csuri currently works in the real estate field as an occupancy specialist in section 8 housing.

“Stay dedicated. Once you complete the degree, you don’t remember the hard times. I will just remember this moment here – graduation.”

James A. Maxton, of Queens, NY, Master of Science in Regulatory Affairs for Drugs, Biologics, and Medical Devices, 2011 graduate. Maxton provided advice based on his CPS experience to current students. Maxton currently works for a pharmaceutical consulting firm specializing in naming and safety issues. Already working in the field, Maxton did extensive research to select this program, seeking knowledge on all aspects of the regulatory process for drugs, biologics, and medical devices. Maxton hopes to return to school for a pharmacy or chemical engineering degree.

“You have sacrificed. You have shut up the naysayers. You have shut up the doubters, even the doubter in yourself when you doubted that you could accomplish something this great in this season of your life.”

Reverend Liz Walker, award-winning television journalist, documentary film producer, entrepreneur, and humanitarian, spring 2011 CPS graduation speaker.

“Be curious. Be inquisitive. Be critical. Be the intellect that you are. Be a leader. Use all that you learned in your education and life to continue to improve in your work, the quality of life for you, and future generations. Take charge in bettering your communities as an active citizen in this global economy.

As you embrace your successes, be grateful. Be thankful for all you have accomplished. Be appreciative of those who helped you along the way. You have invested in yourselves by pursuing a college education. Your families, friends, and partners invested in you. Embrace them. I ask you now to please join me in recognizing your supporters in applause.”

John G. LaBrie, Interim Dean, College of Professional Studies.

More about graduation

To read about the spring 2011 CPS graduation, visit Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies Confers 739 Degrees.

To learn more about graduation, visit: http://cps.neu.edu/student-resources/graduation/index.php. The fall 2011 graduation will be held on Saturday, September 17.

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