Nancy Pawlyshyn reports on project to improve student success

When challenges are great, try something new. That’s the core message of a new publication by faculty member Nancy Pawlyshyn and co-authors, in a case study entitled, “Adopting open education resources: A case study of cross-institutional collaboration and innovation,” published recently in EDUCAUSE Quarterly Review.

In her paper, Pawlyshyn describes the “messy” work of collaborating across seven institutions to stem the tide of student failure in required courses at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY where she served as Chief Assessment Officer and Associate Provost in Academic Affairs.

Pawlyshyn and co-authors noted that the “key takeaways” from this grant-funded effort (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Hewlett Foundation) described in their case study were:

Pawlyshyn teaches in the Graduate Education programs.