Srisha Rajasekar

Three words encapsulate your Northeastern University experience:
Fantabulous | Inclusive | Innovative

Getting a degree while life is happening isn’t always easy. How have you faced and overcome some of these challenges?

Embarking on the challenging journey of graduate studies has immersed me in a complex interplay of research pursuits, coursework obligations, and personal commitments, demanding an intricate dance of time management, unwavering dedication, and a resilient spirit. Balancing the demands of advanced academic endeavors with the intricacies of life requires a delicate touch, where the pursuit of knowledge collides with the realities of personal and professional responsibilities. The rigorous exploration of research topics necessitates a profound commitment to scholarly pursuits, while coursework provides a structured foundation for comprehensive understanding. Amidst this academic tapestry, the need for relentless time management becomes paramount, as each moment is valuable and demands purposeful allocation.

Navigating the labyrinth of graduate studies is a transformative experience, one that not only shapes intellectual growth but also demands adaptability, perseverance, and the ability to maintain focus amid multifaceted challenges. Yet, it is precisely in this delicate balance that the seeds of personal and academic triumph are sown, laying the groundwork for a future where knowledge, resilience, and dedication converge to shape a well-rounded graduate experience.

 What were some of the reasons you chose to join the Northeastern community? Since joining, what have been some of the opportunities and challenges you have experienced?

As a graduate student at Northeastern University, my decision to join this vibrant academic community was driven by several compelling factors. Firstly, Northeastern’s renowned faculty and cutting-edge research initiatives aligned seamlessly with my academic interests and career aspirations. The university’s commitment to experiential learning, co-op programs, and interdisciplinary collaboration provided a dynamic environment that promised not only theoretical knowledge but also practical insights and real-world applications. Since joining the Northeastern community, the opportunities presented have been manifold. Engaging in rigorous coursework has deepened my understanding of my field, while participating in research projects has allowed me to contribute to meaningful scholarly work. The access to state-of-the-art facilities, libraries, and collaborative spaces has enriched my academic journey, fostering an environment conducive to intellectual exploration and growth. However, like any academic pursuit, challenges have been an inherent part of my experience.

Balancing the demands of coursework, research commitments, and personal life has required meticulous time management and prioritization. Navigating the complexities of graduate studies, including the pressure to contribute meaningfully to research and maintain high academic standards, has been both demanding and rewarding. Nevertheless, the supportive and inclusive nature of the Northeastern community has played a crucial role in mitigating challenges.

Collaborative efforts with fellow graduate students, mentorship from faculty members, and the availability of resources such as workshops and counseling services have all contributed to a holistic graduate experience. In essence, my journey as a graduate student at Northeastern has been a transformative and enriching one, marked by a blend of academic rigor, research opportunities, and the cultivation of a supportive community that encourages both personal and intellectual development.

What has your journey at Northeastern University revelated to you about yourself?

My experience at Northeastern University has been a revealing journey, uncovering my academic strengths, adaptability, and personal resilience. Engaging in challenging coursework and collaborative research projects has expanded my knowledge and demonstrated my ability to navigate complexity effectively. Experiential learning, particularly through co-op experiences, has emphasized the practical relevance of my studies and fueled a sense of purpose in contributing meaningfully to my field. On a personal level, overcoming the inherent challenges of graduate studies has showcased my determination and commitment to continuous growth. Interactions with mentors and fellow students have underscored the value of collaboration and mentorship, fostering a sense of belonging within an intellectually vibrant community that prioritizes collective progress. Overall, Northeastern has been a transformative chapter, refining my academic and professional goals while unveiling the depth of my capabilities and the importance of meaningful connections.

What advice do you have for others considering higher education — either at Northeastern or elsewhere?

For prospective students considering higher education, particularly at Northeastern University, I offer the following advice based on my experience as a graduate student.

Why are you interested in the degree you’re pursuing? What motivates you?

As a graduate student specializing in regulatory affairs, my interest in this field stems from a profound fascination with the intersection of science, policy, and industry. The dynamic nature of regulatory affairs captivates me, as it involves navigating the complex landscape of regulations to ensure the safety, efficacy, and compliance of products within various sectors, such as pharmaceuticals or medical devices. This pursuit is motivated by a genuine desire to contribute to public health and safety by facilitating the efficient and ethical development of products.

The evolving regulatory environment presents an exciting challenge, and the prospect of understanding and influencing regulatory frameworks is a driving force.

Moreover, the opportunity to bridge scientific advancements with regulatory compliance aligns with my long-term goal of fostering innovation while upholding the highest standards of safety and efficacy. In essence, my motivation lies in the impactful role regulatory affairs plays in shaping the future of industries and ensuring the well-being of individuals worldwide.

What are you hoping to do after you graduate? Where do you imagine yourself 5 years after school?

Upon completing my graduate studies in Regulatory affairs, my aim is to apply the comprehensive knowledge and skills acquired in both the public and private sectors. In the immediate aftermath of graduation, I aspire to secure a position in a regulatory affairs role within a pharmaceutical or medical device company, where I can actively contribute to the regulatory processes involved in bringing innovative products to market.

Over the next five years, I envision progressing in my career, potentially taking on roles of increasing responsibility and leadership within regulatory affairs. This trajectory aligns with my goal of not only ensuring compliance with regulatory standards but also actively shaping and influencing regulatory strategies. Additionally, I plan to stay abreast of emerging trends and changes in regulatory frameworks, contributing to the adaptation and optimization of regulatory processes within the organizations I work for. Ultimately, I see myself playing a pivotal role in advancing regulatory compliance and contributing to the successful and ethical development of groundbreaking products that positively impact public health.

We know you are more than the person who shows up at Northeastern — what are some of your hobbies and other passions? Where do you find your joy?

Beyond my academic pursuits at Northeastern, I find immense joy and fulfillment in a variety of hobbies and passions. One of my favorite places on campus is the library, where I often immerse myself in the quiet ambiance, surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and the scent of well-worn books. Additionally, I cherish the liberating feeling of diving into a pool and swimming, a pursuit that brings me relaxation and tranquility whenever time allows. As a Yoga instructor at Northeastern, I derive great satisfaction from helping students achieve their health and wellness goals, fostering a positive and mindful community.

The very thought of the campus itself brings a sense of positivity, and I eagerly make my way there every day, appreciating the vibrant atmosphere and the diverse array of cool places to study and relax.

Whether it’s the library, the swimming pool, or the yoga studio, each facet of my life outside the academic realm contributes to a holistic sense of joy and well-being.