Sudhamshu Vidyananda

Three words encapsulate your Northeastern University experience:
Innovative | Rigorous | Collaborative

College is hard. Balancing all the demands and responsibilities can be challenging. How did you approach those challenges and what did it teach you?

Balancing academics with personal responsibilities is indeed a challenge. The main challenge that I faced was to manage my time effectively between studies, work commitments, and personal life. To overcome such challenges, I made sure to set my priorities and set a structured schedule that allocates time for each responsibility.

I utilized tools like digital calendars for time management, participating in study groups for collaborative learning, and practicing self-care to maintain mental health. It’s also important to stay flexible and adapt to changing circumstances, seeking support from university resources, such as counseling services or academic advisors, when necessary.

Why did you choose Northeastern?

The reason I chose to join Northeastern community is its strong academic reputation, its emphasis on experiential learning and co-op programs, and its vibrant, diverse community. Since joining, opportunities that I have experienced were networking with industry professionals, engaging in research, and accessing a broad range of extracurriculars.

Challenges that I experienced were adapting to the competitive environment, navigating a large institution, and balancing course loads with practical experiences. The key is to leverage the support systems and resources that Northeastern provides, from career services to student organizations, to maximize both personal growth and professional development.

What has your journey at Northeastern revealed to you about yourself?

Northeastern can often be a period of significant growth and self-discovery for many students. It can reveal a person’s resilience in facing academic and life challenges, unveil previously untapped interests or talents, and deepen one’s commitment to lifelong learning.

My journey at Northeastern has helped me to be more resilient, adaptable and to move from my comfort zone. I learnt more about my strengths and how to face the world in a more disciplined way.

Do you have any advice for other current or prospective students?

The advice I can give is if you dream it, you can do it. If this is what you want to do for yourself, then go for it. Don’t just do it because all are doing, it should come from within and should interest you. If yes, there is no stopping.

Tell us a bit about yourself outside of school and work. What do you enjoy to do?

I love to dance. Dance is my other and living passion. I definitely find joy in dancing. I have taken part in numerous dance events at northeastern and it has made me happy than ever. I love when the crowd cheers for you. You know you are doing something great.