Cross-institutional team awarded $1M to advance workforce development

Interim Dean, Jared Auclair, is part of a cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary team that was recently awarded $1M to advance workforce development. The Atlantic Resiliency Innovation Institute (ARII), in collaboration with The Marshfield Chamber of Commerce, Northeastern University, Marshfield Public Schools, and the Town of Marshfield, is establishing a federally funded technology incubator and workforce development program. The program aims to bring new coastal hazard mitigation solutions to market, enhancing community resilience.

“Achieving coastal resilience requires collaboration across sectors, including robust partnerships between institutions like Northeastern University, government agencies, public schools, and community stakeholders. Through shared expertise and community engagement, and the creation of ARII, we can create new employment opportunities and build a resilient coastline that protects both people and ecosystems,”

Interim Dean, Jared Auclair

ARII oversees the Marshfield Coastal Academy and Marshfield Coastal Hazard Lab. Their programming includes certificate programs, workshops, research projects, STEM enhancement, and community engagement to address pressing coastal challenges.

Collaboration with partners like Northeastern University will help grow a large pool of trained workers in the region.

The goal is to achieve coastal resilience by protecting both people and ecosystems along the South Shore.