Elizabeth Zulick in New Role to Accelerate Research, Innovation, Discovery and Entrepreneurship

In recent years, the College of Professional Studies has successfully pursued and won major funding to support practice-focused educational research, discovery and innovation. And, the College’s faculty, staff and students are increasingly engaged in its entrepreneurship programs. 

To further develop and promote the College’s efforts in these areas, Dr. Elizabeth Zulick, Assistant Teaching Professor and Faculty Director for the Healthcare and Biotechnology domain, has been named to a new role as Special Assistant to the Dean for Research, Innovation, Discovery and Entrepreneurship. 

In her new position, Dr. Zulick will develop a college-wide advisory committee to gather and communicate information about relevant funding opportunities, coordinate approaches to major funders and connect faculty and students with entrepreneurial programs at Northeastern. Dr. Zulick will also make recommendations to the dean and the College of Professional Studies leadership team about funding priorities, and provide mentorship to faculty members. 

Dr. Zulick brings an outstanding record of leadership and collaborative accomplishment to this role. Beyond her own continuing scientific research program, she is the principal investigator on a $4.4 million National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to provide continuous support for students moving from Middlesex Community College in Lowell, MA into the College of Professional Studies bachelor’s in Biotechnology and the College of Science master’s degree in Biotechnology – essentially from associate’s to master’s. The research component of the grant will explore the efficacy of the support systems piloted in the program in increasing the success of high-achieving, low-income students in this high-demand field.

Dr. Zulick has also collaborated with Graduate School of Education colleagues Dr. Corliss Thompson and Dr. Kelly Conn on another NSF grant of $400,000. This grant will explore the success of an innovative high school program offered by the Center for Advanced Professional Studies, the network partner of the Northeastern Network for Experiential Teaching and Learning (NExT). The goal of the program is to boost the motivation and persistence of young women and underrepresented minorities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers.