New Online Evaluation Service

The College launched a new online evaluation service called CPS Course Evaluations by EvaluationKIT. All historic data that was held in the former online course evaluation system, TRACE, will be moved to CPS Course Evaluations. Instructors now have access to all of their course evaluations that were completed through TRACE. Fall 2010 Term A will be the first term that will use the new evaluations.

The new system will:

  • Only apply to the College's quarter-based courses and will not impact the traditional semester based courses 
  • Integrate with NU Online and Blackboard 
  • Offer greater flexibility to courses with non-standard start and end dates 
  • Provide faster and more reliable course uploads 
  • Grant students access to historic and ongoing evaluation summary results, but they will be unable to view student comments (only instructors and College administrators will have access to student comments)