2014 Department of Education Pinning Ceremony

Future Educators Receive Pins, Praise, and Lifelong Advice in Annual Ceremony

Northeastern University’s Department of Education hosted its 24th Annual Pinning Ceremony on Thursday, May 1, where 30 students received pins, cords, and certificates of achievement for their completion of the Minor in Education program along with their bachelor’s degrees that they would receive the following day at Northeastern University’s Commencement. Faculty, staff, friends, and family gathered for the ceremony and celebration.

Guest speaker and Doctor of Education alumna, Elizabeth Bettencourt, shared similar sentiments of praise and admiration for graduates’ commitment to pursuing careers in education.  Dr. Bettencourt highlighted the expectations and challenges of professions in education and offered advice for lifelong lessons. “Invite your students’ voices in, expect to learn as much from your students as you hope they will learn from you,” she said.Senior Associate Dean of Academic and Faculty Affairs, John Caron, delivered heartfelt opening and closing remarks, during which he commended students for their success in completing the program, and applauded parents and faculty for their support and commitment to a younger generation.  “I recognize the importance and the role you all, the parents, have played in helping your students get to where they are today,” said Caron.  He extended his praise to the department’s faculty, stating, “I have never worked with a group that is more dedicated to their students and to making sure our graduates are prepared to go into the classroom and meet challenges of the twenty-first century.”

Faculty member, Dr. Burt Weiner (front) and students at the 2014 Department of Education Pinning Ceremony.

Dr. Bettencourt further expressed the importance of individuality and the power of education to influence students from all backgrounds, experiences, and learning styles. “Learn from these differences and allow them to make you a stronger teacher; someone who can teach all children, not just those who thrive within a traditional classroom setting,” she said. Dr. Bettencourt then encouraged graduates to consider the impact they will have on future generations, stating “Most of all, expect [students] to need you to believe in them … no child comes to school hoping to fail that day; help them to succeed.”

John Caron, along with Department of Education faculty members Dr. Lula Petty-Edwards, Dr. Harvey Shapiro, and Dr. Burt Weiner, presented graduates with their pins, cords, and certificates. Before leading the graduates in the reciting of the Professional Pledge, and concluding the ceremony, faculty member, Dr. Polly Attwood took a moment to honor the graduating class noting, “Our schools are better for you being out there.”