EdD Alumna and School in the National Spotlight

Sheila Harrity, EdD ’13, has had to become accustomed to attention from more than students, teachers and parents in the last couple of years.

In her successful effort to revitalize Worcester Technical High School (Worcester, MA) and study for and complete a Doctor of Education degree at Northeastern University, Harrity earned an invitation to a national education summit and became the first Principal of the Year from the Commonwealth of Masschusetts. Harrity and her team were recognized for the academic achievement of Worcester Tech students and the innovation of the faculty and staff leading the school.

“…we believe that authentic learning experiences are how students learn best, and it is all about trying to connect those relationships and partnerships so that our students can connect their academic learning to real world applications,” Harrity noted in an article on CNN.

Now comes the announcement that the only high school graduation address President Barack Obama will deliver this year is to the students and families of Worcester Technical High School.

Commenting in a statement quoted by the Boston Globe, White House spokesman Keith Maley said, “Worcester Tech has made outstanding headway in boosting its graduation rate, implementing cutting-edge vocational programs, and ensuring that all of its students have the opportunity to succeed.”