Essential Knowledge and Skills for Nonprofit Management

By Joanne Goldstein.

I am excited to report on the first seminar of our newly launched Nonprofit Seminar Series, which is a yearlong program sponsored by the College of Professional Studies of Northeastern University for employees of nonprofit organizations. On September 29 at our Broad Street Executive Education location in Boston’s financial district, Dr. Heidi Gregory-Mina, a faculty member in the Nonprofit Management graduate program, focused on Best Practices in Grant Writing. Staff members from over 20 organizations that specialize in a variety of social services including youth, education, social justice and health care attended. Participants took away specific tools and ideas to use in obtaining and administering grants. The lecture was informative and the conversation lively and insightful.

Joanne Goldstein

The College of Professional Studies is proud to present this series and offer these seminars and other educational opportunities to nonprofit organizations and their employees. We understand that providing quality, accessible, and affordable education to its employees is an important value to nonprofits, regardless of their mission, structure, or orientation, and we’re pleased to partner in that effort. Nonprofit organizations recognize the importance of education for its own sake, as an employee benefit, and a valuable tool in building increased commitment to the organization.

The seminar series will focus on essential skills that will enhance the expertise of nonprofit staff to effectively help run their organizations. The seminars will be taught by Northeastern faculty and will offer best practices in the specified topic. There will also be time for participants to network with other local professionals.

Both in my current role as focused on workforce development and employer engagement and in my prior position as Massachusetts Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development I have had the opportunity to meet and interface with many of the nonprofit organizations in the Commonwealth. I am proud that I was able to provide valuable assistance from the state and now offer educational opportunities to the nonprofits. And as a member of the nonprofit community, the College values the ways that we can learn from each other and provide benefits that are mutually advantageous to our organizations and the communities we serve.

The Northeastern College of Professional Studies nonprofit partnership network continues to grow and provide additional opportunities to our partners. We’re pleased that our partners recognize the strength of our academic programs and encourage their staff and stakeholders to participate in lifelong learning, including our degree and certificate programs, the seminar series, and other opportunities. We are proud to be part of strengthening the nonprofit fabric of our region that contributes to the health and well-being of the greater community.

Details about our next seminar in the series will be available shortly. If you have any questions or would like more information on this seminar series or the partnership program, please email Michelle Amante at [email protected].