Pioneering Journalist Made Supreme Court Come to Life for Readers

When New York Times reporter and columnist Anthony Lewis died at 85 on March 25, 2013, students of the law, attorneys, policymakers, Supreme Court watchers and the general public mourned the loss.

Dan Urman, director of the Doctorate in Law and Policy program at Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies noted:

“The world lost a brilliant reporter and writer when Anthony Lewis passed away. He transformed the coverage of the Supreme Court, explaining complicated legal concepts to a lay audience. His compelling work inspired an entire generation of Supreme Court reporters such as Linda Greenhouse, Adam Liptak, Nina Totenberg, and Marcia Coyle. His clear writing serves as an example for students in our doctoral program. I often remind them that their papers and doctoral theses should be clear enough that a relative with no background in their area of study should be able to pick it up and understand it.”

Read Anthony Lewis’s obituary in The New York Times.