Northeastern News: Northeastern University Libraries expands the virtual space

The popularity of eBooks is soaring. reported selling more eBooks than hardcover books last year, and one market research firm, Forrester Research, has predicted that overall eBook sales in the United States will hit $1 billion this year. This trend is also increasingly extending into academia, with more students looking for electronic resources to […]

Rev. Liz Walker named graduation speaker

Rev. Liz Walker, award-winning television journalist, documentary film producer, entrepreneur, and humanitarian, will deliver the CPS Spring 2011 graduation speech.

Education Through Two Different Professions

There are not many people who have the talent to build a career in the classroom as well as in the world of hip-hop. Peter Plourde has mastered both professions for 10 years. Northeastern University’s bright, innovative mathematics professor teaches pre-calculus, calculus, algebra, and trigonometry in Foundation Year — a first-year college program, which is […]

Why Do I Need Extra Letters After My Name?

In an effort to answer common questions about the DPT program, Kristin Greenwood, PT, MS, DPT, wrote an article entitled “Why Do I Need Extra Letters After My Name?”

Student-Employer Database, Nexus, Goes Live

The College’s Cooperative Education Department is pleased to announce the new internship and co-op database, Nexus, with resources for students and employers.

LPD Scholars Visit Trinidad and Tobago

35 doctoral scholars and 6 faculty members from the CPS LPD Program visited Trinidad and Tobago as part of an “International Immersion Research” initiative.

New Online Evaluation Service

The College of Professional Studies launched a new online evaluation service called CPS Course Evaluations by EvaluationKIT.

The Importance of an Online Education

The College of Professional Studies’ regulatory affairs program has seen tremendous growth since its initial launch. Comprised of 600 students from 41 countries worldwide, our program includes 36 course offerings. Its convenient online format allows half of the students in the program to take courses online. To highlight the importance of an online education within […]

The Importance of an Online Education

Eric Kupferberg and Chuck Kilfoye recently co-wrote an article that highlights the importance of online education in Northeastern’s Regulatory Affairs program.

The Switch to Electronic Communications

In the fall of 2010, instead of sending paper bills and course confirmations in the mail, the University will be sending bills and course confirmation notifications exclusively to your Husky email account. A Husky email account is assigned to all students upon acceptance. Have you been receiving emails from us? We realize you may not check your Husky email […]