Graduate School of Education Faculty

Graduate School of Education faculty are collaborative and student-centered mentors who come from varied, related careers. They are skilled at learning in real-world settings. This diversity offers students rich resources to draw upon as they delve into the challenges they want to address.

Our faculty embrace their role in the transformation of adult students. They strive to foster change that helps expand educational opportunity. All are experts in online teaching and working with adult students.

Meet the Graduate School of Education Faculty.

Shannon Alpert, EdD Joseph W. McNabb, PhD
Polly F. Attwood, EdD Mounira Morris, EdD
Carolyn R. Bair, PhD Rashid Mosley, PhD
Lynda Beltz, PhD W. Sandra Nickel, PhD
Elisabeth Eleanor Bennett, PhD  Kimberly Nolan, EdD 
Ronald E.L. Brown, EdD Bryan Patterson, PhD
Cherese Childers-McKee, PhD Melissa Parenti, PhD
Kristal Moore Clemons, PhD  Karen G. Reiss Medwed, PhD
Micky Cokely, MEd Tova Olson Sanders, EdD
Kelly Conn, PhD Billye Sankofa Waters, PhD
Michael J. Dean, PhD Harvey Shapiro, PhD
Margaret (Peg) Dougherty, EdD Amy Stratman, MAT
Sarah Beth Ewell, PhD Corliss Brown Thompson, PhD
William Ewell, PhD Chris Unger, EdD
Joan Giblin, PhD Ricardo Valdez, PhD
Shaunna Harrington, MA  Carol Young, EdD
Claire Jackson, PhD Lydia R.L. Young, PhD
Elizabeth Bussman Mahler, EdD Nancy Elizabeth Young, EdD
Al D. McCready, EdD